logo copyThe Craft Collective celebrates the creativity of crafting, do-it-yourselfing, gardening, cooking, and many other handsy endeavours. We started as a monthly get together, Crafternoons, where friends could meet and work on current projects, all while eating great food and enjoying perfect company.
The team is currently based in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.

Send us an email at hello@thecraft.co or connect with us on instagram: @thecraftco or twitter: @teamcraftco


 Meet our Team!  


“Champagne tastes with a beer budget” best describes Alyssa’s approach to crafting. When this librarian sees pretty things she wants, she sets to work figuring out novel ways to make them herself. When not scattering her craft supplies throughout the living room, Alyssa likes to spend her spare time in the kitchen with a glass of wine in hand and a cookbook on the counter for inspiration. See all of Alyssa’s posts here!

Instagram: @lyssa_blue
Pinterest: @alyssavic


Crochet, knitting, sewing, building, cooking, eating, drinking… Emma wants to do it all. Librarian by day and crafter by night, Emma always shows up to a crafternoon with a project on the go. It just takes her forever to finish them. Beyond crafting, Emma enjoys bunnies, gin cocktails, swordfighting, and cheesy scifi movies. See all of Emma’s posts here!

Twitter: @emmalawson
Instagram: @interregnum
Pinterest: @emmalawson




Maxine prides herself on turning simple, fresh ingredients into tasty dishes that pack a nutritional punch. Her best recipes are created when she is dancing while she cooks. It’s to do with the rhythm…don’t question it. She has a passion for gardening and plants, natural health and home remedies. Oh, and she loves space, outer space (and perhaps also, inner space). She likes to gaze out the window and contemplate the effects the cosmos has on our home planet (see www.spaceweather.com). Maxine is a graphic designer by day and this is her favourite GIF. See all of Maxine’s posts here!

Twitter: @maxinematishak



Colouring and creating collages were the gateway drugs to Missy’s long addiction to arts and crafts. After many years of following several notable crafting and cooking blogs, Missy wanted to create something to contribute to the online community. Her education includes attending VFS for digital design and BCIT for marketing management. Missy says the craft collective allows her to get back to her roots: making things using her hands and listening to 90’s hip hop, surrounded by a wicked group of ladies. See all of Missy’s posts here!

Twitter: @missyshana
Instagram: @missyshana



Although she dreams big, Natasha’s realities embrace half-planned DIY projects, mostly followed recipes, almost high-fashion handmade clothing, chests upon chests of craft supplies, and a very stinky pug. When she is not nose-deep in design blogs, you can find her immersed in a comedically tragic autobiography, dancing around her apartment, or with a hairbrush microphone dreaming of the day when her voice will sound like Barbra’s. See all of Natasha’s posts here!

Pinterest: @athomewithholm
Twitter: @athomewithholm
Instagram: @athomewithholm



Part-time scientist, part-time union troublemaker and full-time Harry Potter aficionado, Reagan spends her spare time baking, brewing, busting a move and whatever else comes to mind. After a lifetime of her mother’s patient urging, she finally learned to knit in 2013 and it has quickly escalated to passion. You can usually find her with her current project at the pub for a chat and a pint. Beyond crafting, she loves softball, comedy, pub-quiz, adding glitter to everything and convincing Emma to watch ridiculous movie marathons. See all of Reagan’s posts here!

Photo © Ian West of WeDo photo

Instagram: @glory_s_gamms



A cash-strapped grad student with a love for modern design, Shauna attempts to DIY her rental apartment out of the 1970s. Shauna loves creating DIY projects, hacking all things IKEA, baking, sewing and attempting gardening. She’s happiest with a good beer or cocktail in hand, a Brian Fuller show on in the background, and a project on the go. See all of Shauna’s posts here!

Instagram: @bobbettebee


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    ummmm….. this blog represents everything I want my life to be. Will you all marry me? Collectively? In like… a mutually respectful non-gender specific communal union? Yah? Great! Will be back. 😉


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