DIY Jack-o'-lantern candles

Halloween is probably my favourite crafting seasons. I get to embrace my inner teenage goth, watch scary movies, and create Halloween crafts. It’s a chance to use my glitter and gold to add a touch of glam to skeletons, spiders, and all things spooky. What’s not to like? 

This week I’ve been making mason jar candle holders painted to look like jack-o’-lanterns. This easy craft can be used to add a little light to your Halloween festivities.

DIY jack-o'-lantern candle

To make these little guys you will need a few key craft supplies:

  • assorted jars
  • orange spray paint
  • black enamel paint and brush
  • sparkles (optional, I only put sparkles on some of the jars)

Step one: spray paint inside of jars orange and let dry for 24 hours

Step two: put a template for your jack-o’-lantern face on the outside

Step three: paint the faces on the jars

Step four: fill with candles or candy and enjoy!



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