Knitting as a gift is something that can be fraught with anxiety, but it doesn’t have to be! I’m only just starting to think about Christmas knitting (my Mom has been working on it since June) but regardless of your deadline and turnaround time, you too can knit for fun and the pleasure of others. 

Hot – Tip 1: Start Small

Touques are my go-to gift – there’s a lot of variety in what you can do with it pattern wise, there’s lots of free patterns on the internet and it doesn’t take that much wool or time. However, it is also small enough that if the recipient loses the hat at a house party or decides they don’t like the colour or throws it in the washing machine so that it becomes felt it’s not so much of an investment of time/money that you feel slighted. 

Hot-Tip 2: Where possible, knit in the round

Knitting a long scarf is just that – long. When I first started knitting, I made my mom a scarf that was far to short to be practical. She did wear it with the stubborn determination of someone who was just happy that her love of knitting got passed on, however lesson learned for me! Cowl scarves are much shorter of a project and provide just as much warmth.

Hot-Tip 3: Let the wool do the work

When I go to weekend craft markets, one of the things I’ve noticed is that the most beautiful knit pieces that I find are not really a complicated lace pattern, but a simple pattern made with incredibly gorgeous wool. So splurge on the nice stuff if you really want to impress and keep your pattern stress to a minimum.

Hot-Tip 4: If you’re really short on time, use bulky wool

Bulky wool with bigger needles knits up really fast (there’s a reason why Madelinetosh calls their bulky weight A.S.A.P.). Purl Soho just release a bulk wool called Gentle Giant and have been releasing lots of beautiful, free patterns to go with it. The Mountain Cowl looks pretty cozy to me! 

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