Have you ever wished, like I have, that there was a Ravelry-like website for sewists? Where you could look up every pattern and fabric, see people’s projects made from those patterns and fabric, and connect with other crafty folks? It now exists! Welcome to Textillia.

textillia frontpage

What is Textillia? From their About page:

Textillia is an online database and community for all manner of sewing and fabric enthusiasts! We welcome quilters, garment, accessory, and home decor sewists, and textile artists such as embroiderers, dyers, and people who print fabric.

The main benefit I see is being able to search through the database of patterns with filters like company, designer, garment type, style elements… The database is being built by Textillia’s users, so it’s not very big yes, but it’ll be so handy. I search like this all the time on Ravelry when looking for my next knitting pattern, so being able to do it with my sewing as well is amazing.

Textillia filter by style element


Textillia A-line filter

I can’t see the fabric database being as useful to me, but I can see it being wonderful for quilters. When you upload a fabric into the database, you can choose coordinating fabrics, which can help other quilters select fabrics to go together for projects. Brilliant!

textillia fabrics


I can also see myself using Textillia to keep track of my stash of patterns. I know some people use a spreadsheet or other methods to keep track of this, but I currently just have piles of patterns in drawers. Not very efficient or effective.

Textillia is currently in beta and is available for free during the beta stage, but will be moving towards a monthly payment model after that. I fully support paying people for their work, and website funding has come up a lot in the writing world lately, but I just don’t know if Textillia’s potential userbase is willing to pay. Especially considering it’s a lot like Ravelry, which is freely available. We’ll see what happens!

Can you see yourself using Textillia? How do you currently keep track of your pattern and fabric stash?


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